About Rod's Bakery near Geelong

Rod's Bakery or simply - Rod's - as it's know to many locals, is a thriving bakery, catering, wholesale operation and coffee shop located in Lara, just outside Geelong.

The bakery itself has been at 20 Patullos Road for many years, prior to Rod and Rachel Carlin taking it over in 2007. Up until that point, the establishment had never really been very successful.

"I think perhaps it was because there weren't many systems and processes in place to support how the business operated."

Rod, who grew up in Casterton, Victoria - as fate would have it, with Lara's Quality Meats' butcher, Andrew Gunther - did his apprenticeship at Mangans Bakery and worked at various bakeries around rural Victoria.

Eventually Rod decided to go and work for Woolworths, "I worked my way up there over 10 years and eventually I was a trade specialist in charge of bakeries and delicatessens".

Is this why Rod's does such a good job and producing great product and servicing their customers?

"I suppose that's a big part of it. Customers seem to like supermarket style structure and discipline, commodity grouping and all lines ticketed. We pride ourselves not only on producing great product but also on serving our customers in an efficient, friendly manner and consistently providing them with a great experience".

So what makes a good baker?

"I think, probably like anything - you just have to care about what you do and not accept anything that's sub-standard. We're very fussy about our quality and freshness."

Rod's Bakery at Lara - take some time to stop in for a coffee and a bite to eat. We are sure you will be delighted with our range, quality and service.

We look forward to seeing you!